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Monday, September 12, 2016 Dear 4th grade families,   We have had a wonderful first week of 4th grade! It was an absolute pleasure getting to know all of the students in our class last week. We have a great group of students, and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to teach such respectful and enthusiastic fourth graders!   This is the first of many weekly newsletters you will be receiving this year. The purpose of these newsletters will be to fill you in on what we did in class each week, and let you know of any trips or activities coming up. I will be emailing this newsletter out to you each week, and you will also be able to access it on my website under “class news”:   The main focus of this first week has been learning school and classroom routines and procedures, and practicing them. We have especially focused on being silent in the hall during bathroom breaks and when walking to another place in the building. On Wednesday we brainstormed ideas and came up with our class rules for the year: 1. Be safe, 2. Be respectful, 3. Treat others with kindness, and 4. Use positive words. These are posted in our classroom, and we will focus on following these rules to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable 4th grade year full of growth and learning!    We started practicing our reading stamina last week, and starting today students will be expected to read 2 steps at home each day for homework (2 steps=30 minutes of reading). Please look for your child’s book bag and reading log – they will need a guardian to sign their reading log to verify that they read 30 minutes. We discussed the importance of keeping our eyes on our books while we are reading, so please monitor your child to ensure that they are reading the whole time for their home steps. They may read 1 step and take a break before they read the second step if they are not quite at a point where they can read for a full 30 minutes yet. We will continue to practice reading each day in class.   We have also started practicing our multiplication and division facts for math. On Friday your child should have brought home fact triangles for 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s facts. Please spend a few minutes each day practicing math facts with your child; mastering multiplication and division facts is a big focus in fourth grade, and the sooner your child can feel confident in their facts, they more success they will have in math this year!   At the end of each day I pick five students from class to receive a gold star sticker to put on their take-home folder. Students earn a gold star by following directions right away and keeping their desk clean and organized in class. If you see a gold star on your child’s folder, I encourage you to congratulate them because that means they stood out as one of the most respectful and responsible students that day! It will be fun to see how many gold stars students can acquire throughout the year. J   Please be sure to check your child’s take-home folder and planner each day. We have been practicing writing down our homework each day, and students who get their planner initialed by a guardian every day during the week will get a reward on Friday!   The PTA needs your help! Bamber’s awesome Parent-Teacher Association could use volunteers for the following programs: Boxtops/Milk Moola helper (help collect and count each quarter) Garden helper (help out during recess about one time per month) Bamber Valley Carnival helpers (they are looking for about 2 per class) Parent helpers for 4th/5th grade fun night (we need 1 more for our class)   Thank you to Cami Enke who has already volunteered to help out! If you are able to volunteer for any of these programs, please let me know and I can pass your name on to the PTA.     Finally, please see the attached letter from our P.E. teacher, Aaron Neurer. If you have any questions you can email him at
Posted by MABONADURER  On Sep 12, 2016 at 8:02 AM
June 8, 2016 Dear Parents, We’ve done it! Seeing as how tomorrow is the last day of school, your child has successfully completed fourth grade. I can’t believe the year has come to an end, and it is a very bittersweet time! Yesterday we had our field trip to the Minnesota History Museum, and it was an absolute blast! The students did a nice job, and we learned a lot of fascinating things at the museum. Thank you so much to our awesome chaperones: Missy Atkinson, Kristin Heywood, Kari Gurtner, Bob Duquaine, Colin Lambert, Bob Hubert, Jen Williams, and Nacereddine Ferchichi. You were very helpful and enthusiastic, and the trip would not have been so successful without you! Check out the Bamber facebook page for some pictures from the field trip. Other than that, this week we have been wrapping things up for the year. In flex math, we have reviewed 4th grade math concepts in IXL (and even previewed 5th grade skills), and created icosahedrons, or 20 sided polygons. I really encourage your child to continue to work on IXL over the summer – I told my class that reviewing 4th grade skills and previewing 5th grade skills will give them a head start for next year! Today I handed out cards with students’ IXL usernames and passwords so you can have a copy of that at home. We finished up our book clubs in language arts, and I was very happy with the higher level thinking the students demonstrated – they came up with great questions and connections, and had some wonderful discussions. Today each child received a summer reading log and a Barnes and Noble summer “triathlon” sheet. Students who read 100 steps over the summer will receive a special prize when they hand in their summer reading log in the fall, and anyone who completes the Barnes and Noble triathlon can receive a free book! Check out the Bamber Valley media website for some more information and opportunities for summer reading: Tomorrow we will be spending some time cleaning out our desks, mailboxes, lockers, and cubbies, and I told the students to bring in a rag that they can use to wipe down everything. Then in the afternoon we will have our Regions Festival – each 4th grade class will transition to different activities that each focus on one of the regions of the United States that we learned about in social studies this year. Our final Kindness MVP of the year was Dru! When I think of Dru, the word kind is the first thing that comes to mind! He is an incredibly caring and thoughtful student. Dru is someone who does the right thing and treats others with kindness and respect. He is always willing to do something to help another person. Not to mention, Dru is one of the most enthusiastic readers – he always had great thoughts and comments to share in our book clubs. I will miss Dru’s kind personality and gentle smile. Way to go, Dru! Thank you all SO MUCH for such a wonderful year! I cannot express enough how much I have enjoyed getting to know your children this year. I feel very fortunate to have had such an enthusiastic, helpful, fun group of fourth graders to teach, and I will miss each and every one of them next year. Together, we had one amazing year in 4th grade! Enjoy the summer sunshine, MaryKate Bonadurer
Posted by MABONADURER  On Jun 08, 2016 at 4:55 PM
May 26th, 2016 Dear Parents, We’ve had a lot of fun and productive days lately in 4th grade! Today we had our spring field trip to Quarry Hill, where the students learned about weather instruments. The class was respectful and cooperative working with their partners, and did a really nice job. We were happy that the weather turned out to be so nice for us! We finished up our science unit on magnetism and electricity earlier this week, and have since started our last social studies unit on the West region. Students will be filling out the states and capitals of the West on their maps tomorrow, and will practice them in class for a few minutes each day. I encourage you to also practice with your child at home! My math class also wrapped up our unit on area this week, and we took the test today. Students who did not finish will have time to finish it tomorrow. Then we plan to finish the year by focusing on rotations and translations, as well as writing numbers as fractions, decimals, and percents. It is difficult to believe that there are only a handful of days left! In language arts, we have been reviewing the types of figurative language we learned this year, and students are creating figurative language books full of illustrated examples of different kinds of figurative language. We will also spend these last two weeks reading books together in book clubs; students will have a lot of time in class to read, discuss, and practice the reading skills we learned this year with their book clubs. Tomorrow we will have Mrs. Busta’s 3rd grade class come in to learn about what to expect in 4th grade and ask any questions they might have. We are looking forward to sharing our experiences with them! Please help your child to remember to return all their library books – there are no more check-outs this year, and all books are due by Tuesday, May 31st—this coming Tuesday! Also, please see the attached document for some information about the upcoming Medcity  kids  run on Saturday. Last week’s Kindness MVP was Milayna, and this week’s was Angel! Milayna is someone who simply loves to help others every chance she gets. She is truly a caring person, and when she earns rewards or prizes she often chooses something that will allow her to help or invite someone else to join in on her reward. She has such a wonderful, lively personality, and I’ve loved having her in class this year. Way to go, Milayna! Angel is very conscientious about class expectations, and is a wonderful example to others. He is organized, responsible, and puts great effort into all his work. When I call the students’ attention, Angel is without fail one of the first students to look at me and listen respectfully. He is kind to others and very humble – truly a model student. Keep being awesome, Angel! Let me know of any questions you may have, and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! MaryKate Bonadurer
Posted by MABONADURER  On May 26, 2016 at 4:19 PM
May 16th, 2016 Dear Parents, These last few weeks are simply flying by! Last week, we had our music concert on Tuesday – it was wonderful to see so many family members and relatives come to watch our class perform! Thank you to everyone who was able to come support our 4th graders, it really made it a special event for our class. We also took the spring math NWEA test on Wednesday – students who did not finish will have the opportunity to do so in the next couple weeks. We will be taking the spring reading NWEA test today, and then we will be finished with standardized testing for the year (other than make-ups, of course). The Young Authors, Young Artists conference is on Wednesday, and I know our students who signed up are really looking forward to it! In language arts, one of our main focuses last week was idioms. Students created a poster where they wrote an idiom at the top of a box, drew a picture of what that idiom would look like if it was taken literally, and then they wrote what it actually means at the bottom. We had fun with this project, and the students did a great job! In science, we learned about the types of materials that conduct electricity, as well as insulators (materials that do not conduct electricity). We also learned about open and closed circuits, and how a switch can both open and close an electrical circuit. We plan to wrap up our science unit in the next several days and take our test next week, hopefully. In math, we took our test on fractions, and then moved on to our next unit on area and perimeter. So far we have focused on the steps to understand and solve multi-step word problems because many math problems on area and perimeter are word problems. The IXL sections that provide good practice on area are P.21-P.24, so I encourage you to have your child practice at home! 5th grade is already right around the corner! Please see the attached flyer with information from our 5th grade teachers about the portfolio that will be required for next year. Also, with the end of the year fast approaching, please help your child remember to return all his/her library books. Families of students who do not return books will be responsible for paying to replace those books. Our Kindness MVP last week was Teagan! She certainly deserves this award because Teagan demonstrates many little acts of kindness throughout the day. She notices if other students are struggling or upset and quietly lets me know in a calm, mature manner so as not to bring attention to it. Teagan always volunteers to help with anything we need, and goes out of her way to be nice to and include other students in games and activities. Teagan even asked if she could tutor a classmate during our game time in math! I am so proud of all she has accomplished this year – way to go, Teagan! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and have a good week! MaryKate Bonadurer
Posted by MABONADURER  On May 16, 2016 at 10:45 AM
May 6th, 2016 Dear Parents, I hope you’ve enjoyed this summery weather! Here is what we have been up to in 4th grade this week. In language arts, students took time this week to proof-read each other’s persuasive letters about deforestation, and then they wrote their final copies. I am very pleased with the time and effort they put into their letters, which we will be sending to the president next week! It is so fun to see how far they all have come in their writing this year. In science class, students investigated how to light a lightbulb using wires and a battery – some groups figured it out without any guidance! We will continue with our exploration of circuits and electricity next week. In math, we have wrapped up our unit on fractions, and spent some time reviewing important concepts in class the last couple days. Students were given a study guide to help them practice and review for the test, and I encouraged them to use it to review some more this weekend. We will take our unit 7 test on Tuesday (students do not have school on Monday), and then move on to our area and perimeter unit later on in the week. Next week our class has our music performances at 10:30, and we would love to see you there! I am really looking forward to seeing the class show off their musical abilities! We will also be taking the spring math NWEA test on Wednesday. Today your student should have brought home a permission form for our Minnesota history museum field trip, which will take place during the last week of school. We need those back by the end of the month, but the sooner the better. Please take a minute to look through the information about the trip, and let me know if you have any questions. Our Bamber Valley Carnival is already next week! Below is some information about it, and I have attached a flyer with information about the raffle (your child should have also brought home raffle tickets today). Please take a look at our class project! This week’s Kindness MVP was Ben! He is a student who has consistently demonstrated kindness all year long. Ben is very thoughtful, and is always doing little things for others, such as staying to hold the door open for classmates who are coming in from outside or waiting to get a treat or paper until everyone else gets one. And best of all, he does this without any reward or recognition in mind – he just loves doing the right thing. I have really enjoyed getting to know Ben and have loved having him in class! You rock, Ben! Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend, and don’t forget to check out our class project (see below)! MaryKate Bonadurer         Want to capture your child's time as a Bamber Valley Beaver? Than go to:             Web:             Mobile:  Bamber’s online auction for this year’s carnival.  With help from a parent, Jen Williams, Mrs. Bonadurer and class created 2 projects.  Both projects are identical and are very neat American Flags created on a wood palate.  You can bid on one or both! Go to the auction website for more details and a photograph of these great projects you can bid on!  Proceeds made from classroom projects will be given back to your teacher for classroom needs past, present, and future. Please, browse all classroom projects as some have baskets and artwork for all. -To see photos & get more detailed information of these projects, please visit the website & search for classroom projects (there are several pages so look through all). You can start to browse now but bidding will start this coming Saturday at 8am & close the night of the carnival May 13th at 8pm. *Also, look through all the auction items!  There are gift cards, passes to events, baskets full of items, and much more.   Proceeds from the general auction will go to providing extra technology to our school.  All auction items can be viewed online and in the foyer during carnival.  *Reminder carnival is May 13th from 5:30-8:
Posted by MABONADURER  On May 06, 2016 at 4:33 PM
April 29th, 2016 Dear Parents, Today was a fun day! We had our Arbor Day field trip, and it was a blast. Our class did a nice job following directions on the bus and at Silver Lake Park, and it was a truly memorable event. Thank you so much to Missy Atkinson, Yongwen Sun, Paul Kleinshmidt, Vanessa Duquaine, Amelia Barwise, Stacey Johnson, and Jesse Gentling for chaperoning on the trip today – it wouldn’t have been such a success without your help! In math this week, we have continued our work on fractions. We have especially been focusing on ordering fractions from smallest to largest, and finding equivalent fractions. Using pictures to represent fractions has been very helpful for many students. I would really encourage you to help your child gain some additional practice at home by working on the fraction sections of (Q and R). We will continue to work with fractions next week. In science clas,s we finished our segment on magnetism after discovering that distance weakens a magnet’s strength – we were even able to read a bit about the history of magnets! Next week we will focus more on electricity. Students have been hard at work writing persuasive letters to the president about why we need to be careful about cutting down forests. A big focus of this assignment has been organizing our letters into well-written paragraphs with evidence and transition words. Our rough drafts were due today, and next week we will focus on proof-reading, writing our finals, and sending them off for the president to read! We also read about the Wright Brothers, and practiced some informational reading skills this week, such as finding a text’s structure, determining whether a text is a first or second-hand account of an event, and finding the main idea. Your student will be bringing home their assignment checklist today – please do check-in on this to make sure they have completed their work, and send it back signed on Monday. I really appreciate you doing this as it helps us stay on the same page and support our students both at home and at school. Just a heads up on what is coming in the weeks ahead: our class’s music performances will take place on Tuesday, May 10th at 10:30am. You are more than welcome to come, and we’d love to see you there! Also, our class will be taking the Math NWEA test on May 11th. Our Kindness MVP for this week was Ahn-Bao! He has done a nice job using his time well in class and being a respectful listener. Our focus in class this week was to be a positive influence on others, and I have noticed Ahn-Bao really step up to the challenge. As a result, he has been a good example for other students. I have really enjoyed getting to know Ahn-Bao, and am proud of his positive choices. Keep up the good work! Please let me know of any questions or concerns you may have, and have a nice weekend! MaryKate Bonadurer
Posted by MABONADURER  On Apr 29, 2016 at 4:44 PM
Monday, April 25th, 2016 Dear Parents,   Last week was a unique yet productive week in 4th grade! Our class took the math MCAs on Monday and Tuesday afternoon, and did a wonderful job staying focused and respecting others when they were done by reading quietly. As a result, they got to enjoy some extra afternoon break time! Because all the 4th grade classes were taking the MCAs until Thursday, there was no flex math until Friday, when we started up with our fractions unit again. Students cut out and organized fractions circles, and practiced comparing and ordering fractions. This week we will continue to work on ordering fractions and finding equivalent fractions. Please refer to my website for the homework each day, and I encourage you to have your child spend some time this week practicing fractions in the Q and R sections on   In science, students have been working with magnets to investigate what materials they stick to, and we have discovered that the force of magnetism can travel through objects with iron or steel, making them act as temporary magnets. We will continue learning about magnetism this week, and then move on to electricity. In language arts, we read a text about the rainforest and watched some videos about deforestation. Students compiled their notes and ideas about deforestation in graphic organizers, and this week we will write persuasive letters to President Obama or Governor Dayton about why humans should seek to limit cutting down our forests. Many students did a wonderful job finding evidence and examples to support their arguments!   Fourth graders will be attending the Arbor Day celebration at Silver Lake Park this Friday! Thank you so much to all parents who have volunteered to help out on that day. This trip will go from about 11:30 to 1:15. Students must return their signed permission form to attend, and a free box lunch will be provided (however, students may bring their own lunch if preferred).   Our BV carnival is approaching. Shout out to Jen Williams for coming into our room last week to work with our class to create our class project! It turned out really well, and will go on sale at the BV carnival auction, so keep an eye out for that! I have attached a flyer about the poster contest for the carnival – students can create posters for the chance to win Beaver bucks, redeemable at the carnival.   Last week's Kindness MVP was Mallory! Mallory has done a fantastic job this year – she has a positive, can-do attitude, and consistently checks in with me to make sure she is on track for her classwork. She even asks to stay in for break to make sure she stays caught up; talk about responsibility! Not to mention, Mallory has a thoughtful nature, and loves to help others. I am proud of her hard work and all she has accomplished so far this year. Keep up the good work, Mallory!   Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and enjoy the last week of April!   Mrs. Bonadurer
Posted by MABONADURER  On Apr 26, 2016 at 7:51 AM
Sunday, April 17th, 2016 Dear Parents, We had a great week back to school after spring break! It has been enjoyable to have some sunshine and warmer weather (finally), so we have been taking advantage of getting fresh air and playing outside in the afternoons. In language arts this week, we’ve practiced determining the problem and solution in stories, identifying figurative language, and making inferences while we read. Students have done a great job completing their accountable talk to practice these skills during their reading time. We have also started to learn about deforestation, and next week will write persuasive papers on this topic – students will be able to send their papers to government leaders to persuade them to practice responsible forest management! Our class will be taking the Math MCAs this week on Monday and Tuesday afternoon, so in math class we have been doing a lot of review, and students have worked in groups to solve review problems. We have also practiced IXL and gone over some sample problems in class. I told students to spend some time practicing on IXL at home as well to get in some extra review. After testing is completed this week, we will continue to really focus on our unit of fractions. Our current science unit focuses on magnetism and electricity, and students had the opportunity to work with magnets to explore what kind of materials stick to magnets, as well as other interesting properties of magnets. We have determined that metals with iron or steel contain magnetic force, and we will continue with our learning this week. The Young Artists Young Authors conference will take place on May 18th, and so far we have a few students signed up. Fortunately, the deadline to register has been extended to May 1st, so you can still sign up! I would really encourage you to consider signing up your child – this is a great opportunity for our students. I have attached the information and sign-up form to this email, so feel free to print the form and send it in with your payment. Thank you so much to everyone who has agreed to help out as chaperones for our upcoming field trips! Please remember to stop by the Bamber Valley office with your driver’s license if this is the case. I will be sending out another email with all the dates to remember for our class for the rest of the year, so look for that sometime tomorrow. Our Kindness MVP this past week was Braylon! He has been one of the most consistently kind and thoughtful students throughout the year, and could have earned this award any week since September! Braylon has a mature, laid-back personality, and gets along well with others. He is a student I can count on to make good choices no matter where I have in sit because he can get along with everyone. Braylon is also a great helper, and often will volunteer to do things like take down our library books when he notices our bucket gets full. Not to mention, Braylon has a wonderfully funny personality, and is often making me laugh during the day! Keep making our school a positive place, Braylon! Please look for your child’s assignment checklist to sign and return on Monday, and if they have work to finish, I would appreciate it if you could help them remember to get it done so they can stay caught up. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and enjoy the rest of this gorgeous weekend! Mrs. Bonadurer
Posted by MABONADURER  On Apr 17, 2016 at 9:37 AM
Friday, April 1st, 2016 Dear Parents, Your child is officially ¾ of the way done with fourth grade! It has been so much fun to see our class learn and grow throughout the year, and I can see them slowly turning into almost-fifth graders! We ended the third quarter with a bang. We spent the last couple weeks learning about myths and gods of ancient Greece, and students wrote a poem and drew a portrait of their favorite god/goddess/hero of ancient Greece. Also, they worked in groups to write a play based off of Greek myths – each group came up with a storyline and characters for their play, typed up a script, created props and costumes, and rehearsed their plays. Yesterday afternoon each group had the chance to present their play to the class. They did a great job and had a blast! Check out the Bamber Valley facebook page for pictures of our class getting ready for their plays. In math class, we finished up our unit on division and took the unit 6 test on Monday. We have since started delving into unit 7, which is on fractions. So far we have talked about the difference between fractions, mixed numbers, and whole numbers, practiced locating fractions on number lines, and learned how to identify equivalent fractions. Students have practiced drawing pictures to represent fractions, and after spring break we will continue to learn about fractions. A great way for students to practice fractions concepts at home is through IXL; the 4th grade “Q” section has many problems to practice fractions. I also encourage you to continue to review multiplication and division facts with your child at home so that the continued practice can help them retain their facts. I am still looking for 5-6 chaperones for our Arbor Day field trip and our 3-4 chaperones for our MN History Center field trip: If you would like to volunteer for field trips, you need to stop in the office with your driver’s license to be approved. We are going to the ARBOR DAY field trip to Silver Lake Park on Friday, April 29th.  This is a short field trip and it goes from 11:30-1:15.  Parents are welcome to meet us at the park or ride the bus with us.  We would like 5-6 parents per classroom as this is a very informal, festive fair-like environment and the smaller each group is, the easier it is to keep track of everyone.  Volunteers are unlimited for this event. A box lunch is provided to students and parents who would like one. We are going to the MINNESOTA HISTORY CENTER on Tuesday, June 7th.  We will leave school at 8 o’clock in the morning so students will need to arrive early that day and we plan to be back by 3:15 so students can catch their busses.  Parents and students will need a bag lunch that day.  We would like to take 5-6 parent volunteers on this field trip but we could take more if anyone is willing to drive up separately.  There is limited space on the busses.  Permission slips will be coming later but IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in either of these field trips, please let me know as soon as possible as space is limited.  We are informing you early so anyone who needs to ask off of work has the opportunity to do so. Other reminders: Please send your spring picture forms back to school with your child whether you are ordering spring pictures or not. If you received an envelope for summer school, please sign and return that form ASAP whether you are signing your child up or not so that the office can have record of this and make preparations. Finally, if your child will be attending the Young Authors Young Artists conference on May 18th, please return the forms and payments by April 18th. Please let me know if you have questions about any of these items. Our most recent Kindness MVP in class was Mariam! Mariam has done a great job this year using grit and putting her best effort into all she does. She is always one of the first to arrive each morning, and she walks in with a cheerful attitude each and every day. Mariam is someone who
Posted by MABONADURER  On Apr 01, 2016 at 8:49 AM
Sunday, March 20th, 2016 Dear Parents, There’s a lot of information coming your way in the newsletter this week! The last couple weeks before spring break will be busy but productive ones. In math we have been working on division, particularly long division, and we have discussed the importance of grit (working hard and persevering, especially if you don’t get it right away).  It has taken a lot of practice and reviewing in small groups, and it is exciting to see that division is starting to really click for many students. The students who get division have done a wonderful job working collaboratively and helping classmates who are not quite confident with it yet. We will be taking the unit 6 test on division later this week, so I encourage you to practice division at home with your child! The back of the student math journal has a few pages with problems you could use to practice (page 25P and on) – we have done some of these in class, and I encourage you to do some extra practice with your child at home! In reading we have talked about how reading for a test is like a separate genre compared to reading for fun, and we have practiced test taking strategies and reviewed reading comprehension skills. Our class will be taking the reading MCA test this week on Monday and Tuesday. Students are really encouraged to take their time and do their very best on this test. We have also practiced the correct usage of frequently confused words (by/buy/bye, there/their/they’re, etc.), and students have practiced using the correct words in sentences. Your child is invited to attend this year’s Young Authors Young Artists conference on May 18th. Information was sent home on Friday, and I have attached the sign-up sheet and session information to this email just in case. Forms and payment are due by April 18th.  I know there are many creative students in our class who would enjoy and benefit from this fun day, so I recommend you consider it! Field Trip Volunteers Needed  If you would like to volunteer for field trips, you need to stop in the office with your driver’s license to be approved. We are going to the ARBOR DAY field trip to Silver Lake Park on Friday, April 29th.  This is a short field trip and it goes from 11:30-1:15.  Parents are welcome to meet us at the park or ride the bus with us.  We would like 5-6 parents per classroom as this is a very informal, festive fair-like environment and the smaller each group is, the easier it is to keep track of everyone.  Volunteers are unlimited for this event. A box lunch is provided to students and parents who would like one. We are going to the MINNESOTA HISTORY CENTER on Tuesday, June 7th.  We will leave school at 8 o’clock in the morning so students will need to arrive early that day and we plan to be back by 3:15 so students can catch their busses.  Parents and students will need a bag lunch that day.  We would like to take 5-6 parent volunteers on this field trip but we could take more if anyone is willing to drive up separately.  There is limited space on the busses.  Permission slips will be coming later but IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in either of these field trips, please let me know as soon as possible as space is limited.  We are informing you early so anyone who needs to ask off of work has the opportunity to do so.   Finally, I am happy to announce that last week’s Kindness MVP was Mounib! I was out of town the week of March 7-11, and Jen Williams was very kind to sub for me. I was pleased to hear from her that Mounib did a wonderful job that week, and certainly earned this award. He was respectful and positive toward classmates and teachers, and did a nice job using his time well in class. I have really enjoyed having Mounib in class and getting to know him, and am especially proud of positive choices while I was gone. Keep up the good work, Mounib! Thank you for reading this longer-than-usual newsletter! As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. H
Posted by MABONADURER  On Mar 21, 2016 at 6:15 AM
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