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C.I.A. What's It All About?

  • Master grade-level reading standards as they read
  • Practice writing about their reading as they complete expository, opinion and research writing
  • Receive daily vocabulary instruction ensuring students gain academic language and advanced phonics skills
  • Increase comprehension across multiple genres
  • Rehearse oral language through scripted turn and talk routines

    How is it different from other programs?
    The C.I.A. units of study place a unique emphasis on chapter book reading. The program recognizes that when reading chapter books, students have to be able to do all of the following:
  • Hold onto thinking across days and weeks
  • Revise thinking as new information is read
  • Access background knowledge
  • Monitor and fix-up comprehension
    The work is rigorous, and when practiced in rich text, inspires conversation and collaboration and writing about reading.

    What does C.I.A. stand for?
    The acronym stands for Collect, Interpret, and Apply.
    During the “Collect” portion of a book (quadrant 1), readers gather information on the characters, setting, and problem that is presented.
    In the “Interpret” portion of the book (quadrants 2 & 3), readers are learning details as the author works to deliver their message and build toward the turning point in the book.
    Finally, in the “Apply” portion of the book (quadrant 4), the reader takes everything they have learned and applies their new learning to their own life.

    How can I help my student at home?
    There are a number of things that can be done at home to support reading.
  • Help find an interesting book or a series to get hooked on
  • Talk to your student about what they are reading
  • Have a spot available for reading where the reader won’t be disturbed
    Above all, read with your student or have them read to you. It is a terrific way to spend time together.

  • Check out this C.I.A. At Home Reading guideline. 

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